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Only way is up

My life has spiralled out of control lately, I’ve made mistakes, I’ve gone completely out of my mind, I’ve been fighting a battle in my own head, I’ve struggled to let my past go, I’ve acted out of character-my mental health has nose dived me into a scary lonely place but once I hit rock bottom there was nowhere else to go.

Piece by piece I’m having to rebuild my life. It’s not easy but I know I will make it. I’m taking back control of my life and I plan on making my future a happier place to live.

Life can change for the worst in a blink of an eye so equally it can change for the better too.

🌸 When you hit rock bottom there is nowhere else to go other then up 🌸

10 thoughts on “Only way is up

  1. Yes so true… when at rock bottom, the only way is up. I have been there too and managed to shift my mindset (after medical help) and I am getting back on track. I feel the best I have felt for many years. I felt sorry for myself and could not understand why me… why did I have to go through this? But now I understand that sometimes we must go through the crap to find who we are and what we need to do. So I wish you all the best on your own journey. By reading your blog, I know that you are on the right path to heal yourself and provide guidance for others. So well done.

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