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Music -bit of Mika!

I use music so much when I'm happy or sad! This song has me both crying and dancing ha! This is the way you left me, I'm not pretending, No hope, no love, no glory, No happy ending This is the way that we love, Like its forever, Then live the rest of our life,… Continue reading Music -bit of Mika!



Help deal with stress and anxiety, boost your mood, improve your sleep and feel more in control. Start taking care of your mental health with Every Mind Matters and create your action plan at 🌐 #WorldMentalHealthDay2019


Start a conversation about mental health today! #It’sokaynottobeokay! #breakthestigma #gettalking

Today is World Mental Health Day 2019. A day to raise awareness of how important your mental health is and help break the stigma. Start a conversation about mental health today! Ask yourself are you looking after your own mental health! Talk about how you feel, ask others how they are feeling! Mental illness cannot… Continue reading Start a conversation about mental health today! #It’sokaynottobeokay! #breakthestigma #gettalking

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Cats have 9 lives

I jest a lot under play's how I cope. How i keep going...I have nine lives just like a cat don't worry about me. Truth is I think I played out my 9th card a few months ago. From now I need to put all of me into staying well! And I think, im… Continue reading Cats have 9 lives


Depression doesn’t come with a dress code!

So it's suicide awareness month and I've seen a lot of posts around what depression looks like. Ive had it all, you sound happy, you look better than I thought you'd look etc etc. Depression doesn't come with a dress code! It's not written on people's heads. These pictures were taken a few hours before… Continue reading Depression doesn’t come with a dress code!

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It’s so truth what they say dogs really do lift your mood. Leo has been a great distraction for me, waking up and seeing his fluffy tail wagging in excitement to see me fills my heart with love. Cuddles off Leo instantly make me feel calmer and more relaxed. He has settled nicely into our… Continue reading Pup-date…


What mental illness actually looks like…

Living with mental illness is a daily battle with your own mind. It's not as simple as just feeling low or sad. You can have good days and bad days. Each night I take in a deep breath, smile to myself and think I did it, I got through another day. For me, trying to… Continue reading What mental illness actually looks like…

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Leo the #lion #puppy 💙

After a lot of thought and tonnes of begging off my children. I finally caved and decided to get Leo, my new Shih Tzu puppy. He is such a delight! Very good, cuddly & playful. He had his first groom yesterday and almost fell asleep ha. The Groomer said they normally kick up a fuss… Continue reading Leo the #lion #puppy 💙


River of Tears Song by Alessia Cara 💗💗

Still got the flowers that you sent And the note you wrote that said That we're meant to be forever I keep them all as evidence In a drawer under the mirror Filled with empty promises I don't know why I keep letting you lie to me Hard as I try It seems I can't… Continue reading River of Tears Song by Alessia Cara 💗💗